Happy Pi Day

Today March 14th is National Pi day! Why? Well because its 3.14 silly! So to celebrate and have fun with your

For my picture I must post this apron! I love Pie and Pi and Aprons so naturally I really REALLY want this apron! For anyone else who's madly in love with this apron, click the picture to see who makes and sells it, then be sure to buy me one when you get yours 🙂

students and kiddos I went on the hunt for the BEST Pi day activities and heres what I found:

From the Pi Day website I found these:

  1. Get paper clips and do a different color for every digit! This is my favorite and I think Im gonna go get some paper clips from walmart this afternoon to do this with Miss Bailie and a picture is sure to come!
  2. Another person posted that they, “… are using the first 20 digits in pi and write[ing] a story using the numbers like 3.14 u will use a 3-letter word then a 1-letter word then a 4 letter word and keep going” This sounds like a blast and it would take alot of fun creativity but its a bit above Miss Bailie so maybe next year, however it still sounds like fun!
  3. Lastly there was one where you can get two colors of beads and make a necklace using one color for the odd numbers and one for the even numbers. This would be especially fun for young girls and I assume we’ll do this one this evening too! Also pictures to come 🙂

The next site I discovered was Education World. My top 3 favorites there were:

  1. First off they talk about doing an internet field trip where you learn about Pi along the way! My favorite stop, for our age group, here were the Exploratorium!
  2. They also had this video showing and teaching you all about Pi. Its a little above Bailie’s head but I enjoyed watching it 🙂
  3. And lastly what kid wouldnt enjoy Pi Day Songs!?!

On Teach Pie they had some fun stuff too:

  1. Music Fun where you can listen to, write music, or sing prewritten songs.
  2. Or you can, “create a pi chain with loops of construction paper, using a different color for each of the ten digits.
  3. And lastly, one of my favorites from this site was to, “pass out paper plates, and assign each student a digit. Have them draw the number on the plate, and color and decorate it. On Pi Day, hang them along a string or on the hallway wall, or have everyone hold their plate and stand in one big circle.

Some other fun sites were:

Now of course to end our day, on top of our other Pi day projects, tonight we must eat some Pie for desert!

Feel free to share in the comments what your favorite Pi Day activities are!


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