Free condoms for kids as young as 12 in Springfield, MA

I agree and disagree. Sure more protection may mean more sex, but maybe not. Do we not tell our children, that although we dont want them drinking underage, that if they ever do to call us and we’ll come get them? We want our children safe, even if they dont make the choices we want them to make. If my child is going to have sex before I think they’re ready I still want them to be safe about it. I also want them to be informed about all the possible reprecautions of doing so, but this kind of education and availability of protection I dont think should be at the schools, but instead at home. Parents need to step it up and talk to their kids, all while understanding that they are in that crusial time between when a child and an adult where they are learning to make decisions on their own no longer with us looking over their shoulder. No longer there to hold their hand when they cross the street. Eventually they have to stop, look, and listen on their own, and its just the same with driving, drinking, sex and every other adult-decision they will have to make. Keeping our kids safe, even when they follow a different route than we would like is very important.

Fellowship of the Minds


Free condoms for Springfield students 12 and over gains ground  The School Committee on Thursday gave first-step approval to a policy that would provide students, ages 12 and older, with access to free condoms, aimed at helping to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy.

The committee voted 5-1 in favor of the “Comprehensive Reproductive Health Policy.” The policy, which also includes a provision for counseling for the students, still needs a second vote of approval before it is final.

Under the draft policy, parents “will be notified of condom availability in the schools and will have the opportunity to deny permission (opt out) for access to condoms for their student(s).”

“This is the right move and the smart move to make,” said Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, chairman of the School Committee.  Sarno and other committee members said that teens who engage in unprotected sex can harm their own…

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