~Spread the Word on this New App~

I wake up every morning to a cup of coffee and the news. Usually its filled with sad and depressing news that often does no good to hear, but still I listen. Waiting for the gem that manages to sneak through every now and then. This morning I found the gem again, and truely great one it is!

Its a new app! Ok your thinking a new app? Who cares? Not this time! This app is special and wonderful and one that all parents should hear about! Its a stop texting app! The app is called Life Before Texting. Their main goal of “Life before Text is [to] aid in blocking incoming and out going phone calls and text messages while driving a car. The aspiration of this tool is to keep all drivers out of harms way. No one should be texting or calling while driving unless it is an emergency. In this situation, Life before Text will allow a 9-1-1 emergency call in the event it is necessary. Any incoming texts and phone calls will show as a notification, the driver can then pull over, park and check and/or return the call or message.”

According to Fox 4 News , “If a teen driver tries to disable the app, parents will get an email. If the app is deleted, an email can also get sent to an insurance agent who may be giving the teen driver a discount for having the app installed.” They also said that the app can be purchased for just under $4, making it affordable for any parent!


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