The Baby Stole My Banana

McKenna just tickled me the other day when we were sitting on the couch, Bailie and I both eating bananas, and she decided that was no longer my banana but hers. Keeping in mind she hasnt had banana before and Im pureeing her foods, I had to think about it for a moment. I have a few friends who are big Baby Led Weaning advocates.  BLW says that when a baby starts reaching for your food (around 6 months) you give it to them in managable chip sized pieces and instead of learning to swallow then chew like typical baby foods, they learn to chew then swallow. Honestly this scares me because of the choke factor, but after much study I see that, long before blenders, steamers, choppers, etc folks simply had to feed their babies food like this when they first started and they didnt choke to death. Infact truth is God made babies with a tounge thrust action that keeps them from choking. If a bit of food too big makes it to the back of their mouth, they gag a little and their tounge moves it to the front of its mouth. Its nearly imposible to choke an infant, where as its very easy to choke a toddler, who has lost that reflex, just about the time we start introducing bigger solids.

That being said with all that info when she started reaching for the banana that her sister and I were already enjoying, I thought for a minute and then decided, “ok we’ll give it a shot”! And of course me with my camera right there, I had to take pictures!

What I didnt know was how much she was going to like it! Turns out this is her new favorite food! Right after this picture she broke the top off the banana and was left with half a banana in her hand and boy did she go to town on it!

She spent a good 15 minutes or so sucking, gumming, and enjoying the greatness of the banana! Here are the rest of the photos 🙂

Now will I stop making baby food purees? Nope, not at all actually, but it was nice to see how much she loved the banana and I know that she is ok to eat them and has since had two more. Its for sure her favorite food!

Other foods shes had: Oatmeal, Peas, and Avacados


2 thoughts on “The Baby Stole My Banana

  1. aww I knew she would love them! bananas puree great and it’s awesome to mix them with yogurt or avacado. yay for bananas! just remember they can constipate! no one told me!

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