Suitcase Fail

WOW here’s my sad, and slightly morbid, post of the day: I brought home a bag of my dads ashes so that I could spread some for the first time on his one year anniversary of his death this Saturday. He was a traveler throughout his life, and when he came here he really liked some of the places we went to visit. So my thought was that every year on March 31st I would spread a little bit somewhere neat that he either wanted to go or did go, starting here in KY.

Thing is I almost forgot him lol. When I left WA last minute of my packing my momma reminded me so she got a bag and gave it to me. Since it was last minute he didnt get a well planned place in my bags (wow that sounds so weird!) he just kinda went on the side in my big suitcase where the bag (although a really thick strong bag) could be well protected by our clothes.  Nothing sharp what so ever in sight to cause any harm to the bag there for he was safe right?

Now I must pause here to tell you that you should never share anything with a kid you dont want shared with the world because they are like little drunk people who have no filter. How does this apply? Ya on our flight, to everyone and every stewardess who would talk to Bailie (which was yes just about everyone who walked by!) she told that, “papa, my mommy’s daddy, died and hes in our suitcase below us.” sometimes prompted by the, “What were you doing in Seattle? Who were you visiting?” Questions. To which she would respond, “I saw my granmas and granpas, but not papa because …. ” and sometimes it was just her wanted to share with the world lol. Oh joy I could feel their empathy as they’d say “Oh Im so sorry” and me just saying “Thank you” (not want to share that it was not indeed while we were on this trip but last year) and then I could almost feel it cross their mind …. “Does she mean his body? Or is he cremated? He must be cremated right?”

Ok so moving back to now …. I opened my bag to which our clothes were safely stored around the ashes …. but whats this???? OH NO!!!! Someone threw my bag (assume-ably onto the plane but it was handled and tossed  at least 8 times so who knows when) and dented part of the frame work. Now Im certian this bag COULD have dented on any side in any spot, but no instead it dented right into the bag. Toss the bag around a few more times and wow yup part of my dads ashes have now spilled out of the bag and lightly dusted our clothes …. mostly the baby’s …. awesome! Oh and yes did I mention my washer broke this morning so I cant even wash him off? Ya we may be hanging out in jamies today. “I love you dad but Im not gonna wear you around on my clothes” and Im not entirely sure if I wanna laugh or cry about this interesting situation ….


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