Kiddies in the Kitchen

Miss Bailie LOVES to cook with me. At least three times a week it fills our project time. With that there are 5 very important rules she needed to learn for very important reasons!

  1. Always smile. (Because cooking is fun 🙂 Ok so that one I didn’t so much have to teach her)
  2. Always put your hair up. (Because noone wants your hair in their food :-))
  3. Always wear your apron. (Because mommy doesn’t want to have to wash 15 outfits for you a day 🙂 wearing your apron will save me at least a few)
  4. Always wash your hands. (Because you were, for sure, just outside with your hands in the mud :-))
  5. Always wear pants or a skirt or shorts or something beyond your underwear. (Because … ewwww :-))

Surely everyone teach have to teach their little girls these, seemingly, obvious kitchen cooking guidelines …. Right?


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