Encouraging Childhood

I was sitting in my living room watch my daughter pretend to be a horse galloping through the utmost difficult level of cross country course speeding above the times of her friends. She was chatting away and talking to herself and she was having a great time!

It occurred to me then what an amazing imagination she has! When did my imagination go away? For the first time I realized that THAT was another part of loosing your childhood. What else do you lose as you leave childhood? Your sense of imagination. Your innocence. Your dreams to be whatever you want to be! It seems that all children at some point are astronauts, waiters, cooks, moms, dads, teachers, doctors, musicians, fire fighters, police, archeologists, museum experts, store owners, ice cream truck drivers, pro football players, baseball players, horse back riders, skiers, snow boarders, etc.

Most every little kid at some point in time is pretending to be exactly what they want to be when they grown up. And yet all those wonderful dreams eventually fade along with their imagination, innocence and complete playfulness! Even the ability to make new friends who are suddenly their very best friend in the whole word, anywhere they go. Im not sure why it has to be this way or why it is this way, but for some reason it just is. As a parent I want to encourage all of them as much as I can because before I know it my kids will be adults who no longer play pretend,  who will know about sex, love and hate, death, society problems, religious issues, political issues, parenting issues, law issues, and not everyone they ever meet will be their friend or even like them. Life will no longer be simple and silly. I wish that I could keep all that from happening but i cant, all I can do is enjoy and encourage who my children are right now.


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