Kids Alone at the Park Day!

Ok not alone but with other kids! Free Range Kids author Lenore Skenazy dubed a “Take your kids to the park and leave them” day a few years ago! The second year it fell on Saturday May 22nd! Last year it fell on Saturday May 21st! And this year it will be on Saturday May 19th! Thats right we have 2.5 weeks to spread the word!

She mentions that this is a holiday shes created because it wasnt needed when we were kids! We “ate our breakfast, got dressed, and went to the park no big deal”  and shes right! Why shouldnt we give our children the freedom to play as they wish? As Lenore points out, “What happens when we give them a bit of the freedom we had?  Well, some bumps and bruises, of course, but some key developmental milestones, too.” Shes right! Kids are different when they play with just other kids. They grow and develop and they learn to get along and how to handle situations with out a parents help.  Lenore emphasizes some main things kids learn when they’re left to play alone with other children. They learn creativity, communication, compromise, diplomacy, as well as empathy and things like learning to wait their turn.  These are important lessons for them to learn early because their parents wont always be there to solve every issue.

So 10 am, May 19th take your kids to the local parks and let them play free with other kids!



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