McKenna (1/2 a year old!)

McKenna is now 6 months old! Click HERE to read how she came into this world on November 5th, 2011!

She had her 4/6 month appointment the other day (yes we skipped her 4 month well baby and shots) and she is now 25.5″ long and 16.5 lbs. Currently she is right on track in 6 month clothes. Her eyes are green! She has zero teeth, but is constantly drooling and chewing on cloth so maybe soon!

What can she do? At the moment she can :

  • Sit unsupported
  • Smile
  • Laugh hysterically
  • She has 3 tones in her voice and a new found screech
  • She likes to (baby) talk constantly and usually loudly
  • She started rolling at 4 months but has stopped for a month now. (Although she did roll stomach to back again once the other day at a friends house)
  • She can also scooch backwards while on our tiled floor
  • And she can rotate no matter where we put her down
  • Oh and she LOVES to splash with her feet in the bathtub

What is her favorite thing to do? At the moment its:

  • Taking walks in her stroller.
  • Swinging in the baby swing at the park.
  • Taking baths
  • Playing with her super colorful octopus thing.
  • Chewing on her stuffed animals and any other cloth she can get her hands on.
  • Eating (yup it makes the favorites list)
  • She still loves her swing
  • But her super super SUPER favorite thing to do is to bounce in her jumparoo.

McKenna has been trying one new food a week since she hit 4 months (So shes up to 8 now + baby puffy/cookie snacky/teethy things). Her favorite food is now Squash! Followed closely by sweet potatoes and carrots, then bananas, then peas, then peaches, then green beans, then pears. Currently she only has fruits with her oatmeal on the mornings she has it. And the rest she has for either lunch or dinner on the days she has that. Still only eating maybe every other day, but her want for it is EVERYDAY lol

Shes still nursing every 2 hrs during the day (or when she gets a bottle its a 2 ounce pumped bottle) as well as before and after any solid foods. She still takes a binki when she naps. Kenna will sleep from 8pm to 6:30am (waking once between 1 and 4:30 to eat). She naps again at 10am and then again at 1am and again at 5pm.

Overall McKenna is the most chill baby ever! She’s so funny and has such a wonderful personality coming through and we love that God chose us to be her parents!

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