My Third “run your small family like a large one” Finding

Do you know whats in my diaper bag? Or my car? As I sit here I empty out my diaper bag and I have: a used plastic disposable cup, a power cord, a pen, chap stick, sunblock, face sunblock, a wet bag with a dirty diaper, a clean diaper 4 wipes, wipe solution, baby powder, 4 bibs, two pairs of pants, a dress, a dirty onsie, an empty baby food jar and one filled with cereal,4 pennies, a nickle, and 2 dimes. Now in my car I have a few more outfits, a couple diapers, blankets, binkis, etc. (Can you tell I stress about weather or not I have enough baby clothes with me? )

So have an incredibly wise friend. Her name is Rae. She has three wonderful children; a girl and two boys. Well she came to my house today, being the wonderful friend she is, to bring me some teething tablets for my very cranky baby. While she was here her youngest boy needed his shorts changed. She went out to the car and came back in with zip-lock gallon size bag! She said she had one in her car for each child and how much they’d come in handy since she first put them in there.

Inside of this particular one, labeled with her youngest boys name, was: a shirt, a pair of shorts, two pairs of socks, and a diaper. So simple yet so effective! She said for her other two children she had similar bags with age appropriate back-up wear, like clothes that could get wet or go swimming in for her oldest, and a change of clothes for her middle child.

What a genius idea this is! So instead of always stressing about weather or not I have my diaper bag just right, I can make an “emergency” gallon sized zip lock bag to keep neatly in the car for each child!

McKenna’s Bag: Binki, Cloth Diaper, Bib, Onsie, Pants, Socks, and Hat.

Bailie’s Bag: Swim Suit, Underwear, Shirt, Shorts, leggings, Socks, Hair Tie, and Head Band.


2 thoughts on “My Third “run your small family like a large one” Finding

  1. You’re just too sweet! It still amazes me all the “why-didn’t-I-think-of-that-earlier”s that come up almost 10 years into this parenting gig. 🙂

    I should send you some pics of our family closet!

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