Promoting the Outdoors: A

Today starts a new series (I hope and pray I will finish over my morning cup of coffee) called Promoting the Outdoors. Im going to do it ABC style! So today starts with A. All the things, in my head and found online, that you can take your kids outside to do that starts with an A! Pick one or two go outside and have some fun!

  • Around the World (basket ball) – In this game, a player must make a series of shots arranged in and around the key. When a shot is made from one position, the player moves onto the next position, and after making that shot, they move on. The first to the end wins!
  • All Star Shoot Out (basket ball) – To prepare the court, select 10-15 “shooting circles” around the basket. These should be in different locations and each requires a different level of shooting prowess. Assign each circle a point value (one point for a shot under the hoop, two points for a free throw, three points for a 15-footer in the corner, 5 points for a shot beyond the typical three-point line, etc.).
  • Art in the Park (Chalk, Paints, Crayons, etc) – Head out to the park with a basket full of art supplies and let your kiddos be inspired to create what they see around them!
  • Aerobic Dancing (Kiddy style) – Turn on some fun kids music in the front yard and dance it out!
  • Angry Birds (Outdoor Style!) – Fill a bunch of WATER BALLOONS and have the kids draw angry birds on them and have a seriously fun water balloon fight!
  • Apple Picking – Take your kids out apple picking! You dont have to have trees of your own, most local orchards will let you come out and pick a basketful!
  • Amphibian Hunt – Head out to your closest creak and see what you can find
  • Adventure Day – Dress up like super heroes and head out side to play pretend and save the world!
  • Agricultural field trip – Take your kids to a local farm, dairy, ranch, etc to learn more about where our food come from first hand!

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