Learning Fun with Egg Cartons

Todays post will be shorter but there are still TONS you can do with Egg Cartons! The most and best are crafty fun things I found online!


There are a few different ways you can do math games with egg cartons but the big hit seems to be numbering the insides and using any counters you can to have your kids fill the slots with

the right amount. I think you could easily change it up for kids as they get older by adding in math problems that they use the counters and cartons for!


With egg cartons you could set up sorting stations of all sorts! (ha pun intended) For intsance you can have kids sort items by colors, shapes, sizes, textures, materials so on

and so fourth. Have fun with it!


Add some soil and pick out your favorite seeds and watch them grow! As kids get older you can have them document how much they grew each day.


Here you’ll see you can use the cartons to paint with like shown on the Left OR to pain on like what’s shown on the Right!

Crafting Animals

I am only posting a few examples here but I found literally TONS of animals folks had made with their egg cartons; from bugs to bests!


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