The Love of a Child and Her Love for the Lord

Now that Bailie’s gone to school and Kenna’s napping I can share this special moment with you from this morning:

I have to start by saying that I am so blessed to have a such a sweet little girl in my life. My oldest daughter will be 7 soon and at her age her love and growing understanding of God amazes me. For her its not faith that might be shaken or might be untrue, but good sound knowledge that I can only pray she holds on to (or that holds on to her) as she gets older.

This morning I went to look for pregnancy pictures from when I was pregnant with her and I couldn’t find any anywhere. I thought well maybe Ill find some on my dads Facebook page. (I know they’re on his computer at home, so I hoped they would be there too) well I didn’t find the pictures I was looking for but as soon as I flipped to his page I see his “likes” and the first one was Farm-ville. Oh wow I had forgotten how much he loved that silly game! And all of his other games he cycled through the years. And then there was Starbucks. Which is ironic because he actually didn’t like Starbucks very much he just loved coffee and he shared that love of coffee with me (a young started caffeine addict)! I was flooded with memories of my first cup of coffee. Then him making us coffee (espresso) in our South Hill house. And then I was reminded of all the Coffee Huts we used to go to before school, on our way to horse shows, and every change we got in between!  (For the folks not here in WA who have never seen one a coffee hut is a little trailer or small building about (10’x15′) that you drive up to and they ask you what you want and then make you a coffee exactly how you want it and its usually the most amazing coffee you will ever experience) So  at the bottom of the road that we would take to get to our house, on the corner of  144th and Meridian, was the Amphitheater on one corner, a family dentist office on another, and the Cider Press on another.  Well in the Cider Press parking lot was a coffee hut we liked to go to, often lol, and we pulled in once with our little green Ford Ranger pulling our massive old white two-horse slant load trailer. We ordered our coffees, I think that time he was vanilla mochas and I was on vanilla lattes, and as we went to take off the trailer was too big and we ripped back a good portion of the awning of the little hut! Ooops!

So as these memories are flashing through my head, I sit back enjoying them and then realize that flooded with emotion, Im crying. I miss my dad so much and  I lost it. But then there was Bailie. My sweet little girl. She gave me a hug and held me for a minute, just as Ive held her while shes cried so many times. Then she says, “Mommy I miss Papa too. But now take a deep breath now and wipe away those tears because someday you will see Papa in Heaven.” Just as if she were saying I would see him tomorrow at the grocery store. Shes right. She knows that Papa knew God and new Jesus and knew that He died on the cross to save us from our sins so when he died he went to Heaven. The sureness in her voice. The fact in what she said. Both amazed me and brought great Joy to my heart.

This picture was just recently sent to me. It was taken on Bailie’s 5th birthday! As the party died down Papa took the time to give Bailie her present. It was a beautiful white Bible! They had such a special relationship I am so happy that this was his last birthday gift he’d give her.


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