Changing our Voting System so EVERYONE’S vote Counts!

Over this last election I found I had many friends who didn’t even bother to vote because they knew that their state was a “Dem” or “Rep” state and they were the opposite so their vote wouldn’t likely wouldnt count.

There were also many states that voters voted nearly 50/50 but the side that had even just a couple more votes than the other had ALL their Electoral Votes go to that side so it appeared that that state was 100% for one vs the other, when in reality that wasn’t the case at all.

There were also many voters who don’t live in a “swing” state so they didn’t bother to vote, because even if the person they wanted to win their state did it wouldn’t matter because states like FL, TX and CA would vote the other way and their state nearly wouldn’t matter. To see a map of which states are “worth” what click   HERE.

Here’s my idea:
Change the voting system the United States of America uses to elect the president.
We would like to see a change in our United States voting and election system, so that every person’s vote counts. Some options we should be able to vote on:
A. No Electoral College votes at all. Stick with just the popular votes.
B. Each state be given the same amount of Electoral College votes and allow all vote to go to the majority, so that there is no “swing” states.
C. Each state keeps their Electoral College votes but they must be divided to closely match how the people of the state actually voted. (So if 40% of the state votes one way and 60% another then you must divide the Electoral Votes accordingly.)
To sign the petition please click HERE I need 150 signatures in order for this petition to show up on the Open Petitions page for the public to see and sign. At that point I have 30 days to collect 25,000 signatures so that the White House will consider and respond.

One thought on “Changing our Voting System so EVERYONE’S vote Counts!

  1. I think you have some good Idea’s, but you should add on here: No popular vote and no Electorial votes.Everybody vote’s and their vote count’s like it should. Each state is responsible for counting the vote’s. The President doesn’t get sworn into office until January, so the states could take the rest of the month of November to count all the votes in their state. So by December everybody would know the true out come of the election. I think this way would be much better than having what 8 to 12 states choose our President for us.
    What do you think?

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