McKenna’s 1 Year Check-Up

McKenna had her 1 year apt today!

Here are her Stats:

Weight: 21.5 lbs (54th %)
Height: 28.75″ (32nd %)
Head: 45cm (42nd %)

So far she has met all her milestones perfectly for 12 months:

  • standing and walking alone
  • drinking from a cup
  • “performs” for an audience
  • hands a toy or object to someone
  • stoops down and up
  • feeds herself
  • imitates people
  • remembers people and objects
  • uses at least 3 words
  • points at stuff.

In the next few months she should also start shaking her head for yes and no, walking backwards, and attempting to use a spoon or fork to feed herself.

Right now her favorite item is her blanket.

She no longer nurses.

She sleeps in her crib but must follow a specific bedtime routine. 4oz bottle in bed with blanket, then as soon as its done I have to go in and give her binki, shut off light, close the door, and leave the room and she will without crying fall right to sleep. She still wakes up 2-3 times a night to get her binki and blanket back. She sleeps from 8pm-7am and takes 3-1hr naps per day.

Her vocab right now consists of:

  1. Dada
  2. Moma
  3. Nana (food)
  4. Naaanaaa (was nursing)
  5. Dankie (Blanket)
  6. Doggy
  7. Uh-ah (uh-oh)
  8. Hi
  9. Buba (bye bye)

She also signs:

  1. Hi
  2. More (pertaining to food)
  3. All done (pertaining to food and used during diaper changes I think because she wants down)
  4. Up (as in pick me up)

Her “performs”:

  1. Shake it Shake it (smiles and shakes her head)
  2. Dance Dance (she bounces up and down)
  3. YAY or Clap Clap (claps her hands)

And she is still an incredibly happy baby!


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