Things Noone Tells a Parent-to-Be

Being a parent now for 7 years (8 if you wish to count through my first pregnancy) but 7 since our first beautiful daughter was born, I am still amazed daily by the things that noone ever told me. I could seriously write a whole series on things people don’t tell you when your becoming a parent. Ive shared many of them on Facebook as well as here. Some in the past were things like that you may or may not like every stage from pregnancy to baby to toddler to preschool, school age, preteens, teens etc; or how you may have a compliant child and then the next might be a strong willed and it has nothing to do with your parenting its just who God made them to be, or that one discipline may or may not work for all your children so you may have to come up with a different strategy for each one, same with love. Not every child has the same love language so one may need lots of hugs, were another may need lots of time, and another may need lots of  “I love you”s.

Today’s moment hit me while in the shower. Id like to say all my best revelations come to me in the shower, but I have to be honest here I was in the shower but it was not MY shower. You see I have a 7 year old who LOVES baths (exactly as I pictured all children until they hit school age when I expected they all took showers … NOT true in itself) so naturally I assumed that our now 1 year old would also love baths …. also NOT true. She hates them, down right LOATHES them! If I run her a tub she likes to feel the water coming out of the faucet but screams and bawls and wont sit down if I actually put her in the tub weather I am in there with her or not.

So someone suggested a while back, why not take her in the shower with you. Now being 5 months pregnant at the time I thought oh my goodness I will be off balance or Ill drop her and how would I wash her? But I gave it a shot and to my surprise she didn’t scream! It was difficult but she was clean and happy. Then I discovered that I could take bath toys into the shower stall and put them on the ground and she would SIT and play and I could shower her (we have a removable shower head). So here I am sitting in the shower surrounded by a bunch of brightly colored toys as my 1 year old plays happily and I am showering her and shes smiling and giggling and it occurred to me … No-one ever tells you that one child may want to bathe well into their school years and hate showers where another may hate baths and want to start showering early. Odd thing to think about but who pictures having to shower their 1 year old? In my head all babies loved bathes!


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