Elementary Shooting

Connecticut Community Copes With Aftermath Of Elementary School Mass Shooting

In light of last week’s tragic event Ive heard so many things on the news, online, on Facebook, in person, etc. It seems our heads are still whirling that anyone could do such a thing. Since the man killed himself  before we could find out no one seems to have any sense of closure on the situation. Was he terribly sick? Was he just evil? What drove him to do such a thing? Why little kids? etc etc. It seems that everyone is looking for someone or something to blame to gain that closure. Guns. God. The mom. The dad. His school. The elementary school. The Government. The heath care system. The lists go on and on. Thing is there is no one to blame in this situation beyond this man. No person could have known or prepared for what was going to happen last week. The only one who knew ahead of time was the Lord himself. He knew the day each child was conceived what day he would call them home, just like everyone else He has created. This did not surprise Him or shock Him. He knew. I do not however believe that this was any sort of punishment. I dont know what’s to be gained from this or why this had to be part of the plan, Im not supposed to know.  I only know that I need to trust in God and continue to pray for peace and healing for each family and nationwide as well all grieve this tragic event that has directly or indirectly affected so many.


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