Aubrie Lynn 1 Month Old!

Aubrie Lynn Turner was born 1 month ago today at 6lbs 3oz. We left the hospital at 5lbs 9oz. This morning I woke up and weighed her to find she was up more than 3lbs! She now weighs 9.5lbs! (I cant tell to the oz on our scale so +\- a tad). She has already grown so much! When she came home she was swimming in all her newborn clothes and her diapers were snapped down to the preemie settings. Just yesterday I was able to unsnap her diapers to the newborn setting and although there is still some room in them, she is fitting in her newborn clothes so much better now ๐Ÿ™‚

She has had 4 baths now (which she hates lol). She is a nursing chap! She is almost always squeeking or grunting. She still loves to be swaddled. During the day she likes to be in her inclines bassinet, in anyone’s arms, or to be worn in a carrier wrap. At night (after a couple hrs of cluster-feeding) she sleeps from midnight till 8am. She is the calmest, quietest baby!


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