Your Baby Can Read (Week 1)

Last week we started the Your Baby Can Read program. It has you play the starter video twice a day for 1 month and play with the starter flip open page book and starter sliding flash cards. The main words introduced in the starter set are Nose, Hi, Dog, Cat, Mouth, Clap, Tiger, Arms, Arms Up, Arms Down, Elephant, Eyes, Gorilla, Toes, Colors, Reach, Baby and Wave. So far this week her vocabulary has just exploded! She’ll point to her nose, mouth, toes, arms, and eyes. She’ll lift her arms up for arms up, wave for wave, and clap for clap. She’ll say hi, dog, cat, clap, gorilla, and baby.  This morning completed the first week and when the word Dog came up on the screen, before they could say it, she said it. She read her first word!


5 thoughts on “Your Baby Can Read (Week 1)

  1. Our son is 23-months-old and we’ve been using “Your Baby Can Read” for the last several months. He loves watching the video and will repeat the words back to the screen. I’ve definitely seen improvements in my sons language skills.

      • We have gone through all the videos a couple of times. Jaydon was getting board and restless watching the same one over and over. I do not think he has a favorite part, Jaydon points, laughs and interacts at differently each time he watches the video.
        One thing I do with Jaydon especially in the car is have him repeat words and numbers. I will have him repeat two or three words and then say a sentence only using those words and he will repeat it.
        Yesterday we did numbers 1 -10 and I, Love, You.

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