Easter Egg Dying

For our family dinner night tonight we dyed eggs. Using Kool-Aid dye and many different dying/decorating ideas we got some really neat looking eggs! Totally forgot to get pictures of anyone actually dying them though!

Kool-Aid Dyes – 1 packet of Kool-Aid + 2/3 cup of warm water + 1 Tablespoon Vinegar. Get and try them all! Each flavor makes a different color.

Rubberbanding : Wrap rubberbands around the egg before you dye it.

Multi egg : Dip egg in one  color either all the way or part way. Let it dry. Dip in another color.

Straw Blowing : Dip a straw in the dye and cover the top hole so it holds the dye. Drop it on the egg then use the straw to blow the egg so the dye goes in different directions.

Stickers : Gather different shape stickers and put them on the egg before you dip in the dye. When the egg is dry, peel the sticker off or leave it on.

Glittering : Dye the egg then while it is wet drop into a bag of glitter and shake.

Crayon : Use a crayon to draw on the egg before you dye it. Let it dry the draw again and dip into a second color.

Clear Wrap : Wrap an egg in clear wrap all scrunched up and drip dye into it and leave to set.

Newspapper Marbling : Let egg sit in dye for a while. Pull it out and immediately scrunch it up with newspapper for a marbled look.


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