Your husband’s job is NOT to make you happy. Your husband’s job is to love you!

At a moms’ group this week one of the speakers said this. There is so much to say about this. A whole long post Im sure. But I need to think on it further. I do know I have heard a lot of married folks who were talking about divorce say things like, “Im just not happy anymore” but folks forget that marriage is a whole life commitment, till DEATH do us part, not to just be quit like your current job your not happy with any more. I think as a society we have a skewed view on marriage and what its supposed to be. Could you imagine divorcing your children? Waking up and saying I am just not happy any more, it must be my kids fault so I am divorcing them. No, they are your children for the rest of your life. Just as your son is your son forever, your husband is your husband for ever. Once we are married we are one. I challenge everyone to ponder this through the week. Wake up every day and say three things: 1. My husband’s job is to love me. 2. My job is to love him. & 3. The only one who can make me happy is me.



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