A Simple, Beautiful, Lovely Life


Cloth dolls, wooden crib, wooden blocks in wicker baskets. These few things have entertained my children for far longer than the other bins of loud, colorful, plastic toys downstairs. #perplexing

I’ve spent weeks pondering how to transform our lives into something more. Something more with less.

My goal is to lose the plastic. Slowly. To replace the plastic in our home with well made, beautiful, simple natural materials. I would love to replace our plastic stacking cups with wooden ones. Plastic dolls with cloth ones. Plastic bins with wicker ones. Plastic table and chairs with wooden ones. Plastic cars with wooden ones. Etc.

With that I need to learn to lessen my day so it can be more for my kiddos. I am a plan EVER SECOND of the day kind of person. Instead I would like to set up a simple daily rhythm where there are lots of opportunities for free play and learning without the hustle and bustle of life. I also need to learn to be flexible to changing nap schedules. This will be slow and I will blog on it more a little down the line. For now here is the plan:


Breakfast / Coffee / News / CHILL

Watch 2 “Your Baby Can Read” DVDs

Morning Nap / Free Play / Mom Cleaning

Outside to Play (Rain or Shine)


Afternoon Nap (Reading time just before nap)/ Mom School / Mom TV / Mom Nap (don’t judge I only sleep a few hrs at night lol)

Free Play / Snack

School Work / Art Work / Crafty Projects

Run Errands / Chores

Music Play


Free Time / TV Time / Bed Time


Written out, its still a lot, but like I said this will be a slow process. The biggest thing for me right here is that I didn’t set times. I get hung up on times. I get rigid and flustered. So for now the main goal in simplifying is to relax and move freely through our day allowing for flexibility and change.


I’d love to hear the steps you’ve taken to simplify your daily lives, if you’ve done so 🙂


7 thoughts on “A Simple, Beautiful, Lovely Life

  1. In our life, we don’t have any sort of schedule at all. We wake when N wakes, we do whatever. Sometimes lately she is ready to immediately get dressed then eat, then leave (store to get coffee, library story time, the mall for a carousel ride, etc) other days she wants to read, play with her train, color, etc for a good hour or two before getting dressed. Ever since she was a baby, we didn’t do schedules and always played it by her naps and attitude. Good luck with cutting back on schedule planning, I know it can be totally tough.

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  3. I love this. I am constantly cutting things from my schedule and still often feel like I don’t have the time to breathe!

    other moments I feel totally like a lazy bum. lol

    • I just spent 20 minutes cuddling Kenna on the couch and Aubrie is still taking her morning nap and I looked at the clock and saw it said 11 already and I instantly thought, “Ahhh crap we’re late we need to get outside if we’re going to before lunch” … no no we are NOT late because time will not control us today! Today we are moving on the flow of life. How special I just got 20 minutes to cuddle with my typically crazy off the wall wont sit down baby child ❤

    • Sorry that wasn’t really a reply to your comment lol. Its amazing how trying to simplify can be so hard. Makes me want to think about why it is so hard. Why can we not seem to slow down? I feel like that might be a post you could tackle better than I 🙂

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