I blogged previously  A Simple But Lovely Life on my goals to simplify our lives. Here is a little more on why I chose to lessen what we do during the week and why we usually have it so full of activities.

As a homeschooling family (not this year) the number one thing we would hear is, “But what about the socialization?” pertaining to why homeschooling isn’t a good option. Here’s what you don’t know. Most homeschooling families work extra hard to do lots of things so that we can still say our children are socialized. Every social aspect they get in a classroom we give outside of the public school. Here’s the thing though. This year our older daughter is in the public school and we tried to keep up our usual extra curricular activities. And wow has it started to drain us!

Usually we are filling our schedules with church activities, play dates, bible studies, girl scouts, soccer, karate, now violin, story times, gymnastics, and on and on and on. But for what? Just so we can say we do it? To get people to stop saying, “What about socialization?” This isn’t socialization this is forced association. Why are my kids getting tired and less willing to participate? First because Im sitting here over encouraging them to participate during group activities “stand up! clap your hands! Sing the song! Go say hi to Jimmy! Play and have fun dang it!!!”  and secondly because they’re getting burned out! ME TOO! Why do we NEED to socialize anyways? To learn to walk in lines? Ok yes that is important. To learn how to talk with one an other? Yes that’s important too. To learn to take turns? Yep that too. But all those things can be taught in far less a week than we think. Going to church on the weekends all of that is learned. Going outside to play with friends. All of that is learned! ALL OF IT!!!! You cut in front of a child waiting for the slide and they’re going to let you know its not ok. Speak unkindly to a friend and they’re not going to want to play with you.

So to chill out our schedules and ourselves we’re currently on a break from most everything! For this season we’re still going to church and we’re still going to do violin lessons, but after that we might sprinkle in a story time here and there but not much more. Instead we’ll go outside and play and relax.


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