Our Family

Me and The Man!

My name is Michelle. My birthday is in July. I am addicted to listing. I think its because I am so unorganized that I become obsessive about organizing myself. I am also slightly manic-depressive but so far it hasnt affected me enough to see a dr, I just go through the typical ups and downs that others do, but I try to stay aware of it for the good of our family. Lastly about me in general is that I am a do-er. Some people give gifts or hugs, etc to show affection, but I do stuff. Typically if you need something done I wont say no but will do it for you because thats the only way I feel like I can show you that I love you. Sometimes that can be bad though because its easy to be taken advantage of, so it has to be a balancing act between what I accept and the energy I put towards others, my family, and myself.

I am a sleep deprived, not-so-stay at home, wanna be hippy momma and I love every minute of it! I havent always been that way, but its been a work in progress. I grew up in a home where my mom worked and my dad stayed home and I always imagined thats how my life would be, but I find that I greatly apreciate gender roles and knowing what to expect from my husband and what he expects from me. At the same time I want to help financially so I work from home as a DT and Scentsy Consultant and I work hard to find new “hippy” ways to save us money, because money saved is indeed money earned.

I also have an ever changing relationship with God. I love the Lord so much: it took me a while to find Him and I am so happy he was there waiting. Even when I didnt believe in Him, He always believed in me; He believes in you too. He gave me stregnth and has taught me some valuble lessons, and I can not wait to see what my life with Him holds.

My husband name is Aaron. Hes a very hard working and diligent man. He believes in a hard work ethic, but then he also believes hard work is rewarded with hard play! He’s deffinatly a clean “freak” because he’s so observent a room that looks ok to one will still look filthy to him. Its a wonderful trait to have; afterall noone likes a slob! He likes his chemicals and alot of the main stream ideas, but is also very willing to let me venture out and do what I can to feel acomplished and save us money. He’s a wonderfully supportive husband and father.

In a group when you first meet him he may seem quite, but its usually because he’s listening and taking in the people around him. Hes a people pleaser (also a great trait) so he’ll do what he can to observe and learn about you so that he can adjust and make you feel comfortable talking to him. Most everyone likes him because of his wonderful personality and ability to make you feel important.

Our oldest daughter is Bailie. She was born in Nov of 2005. She’s a go go goer! When she wakes up first thing in the morning she’s alot like me. I dont wake up fast and neither does she. But once she’s up and going she’s really going. Typically she’ll do her schoolwork and her chores and then spend the rest of the day outside playing with her friends or riding her bike. As a long-time only child she has learned how to entertain herself quite well, but also loves to play with other children. She loves the park, bikes, spots like soccer and swiming and anything other children would want to do! She’s a very fast learner and loves to try new things most of the time.

McKenna Sky Turner was born 3 weeks early on November 5th, 2011! She is perfect in every way! A very easy, very happy baby! She was a tiny bit jaundice and had to return to the hospital daily for a little over a week to have her numbers checked until they started downward. She spent that week nursing often and sleeping infront of the windows. Now at 1.5 years old shes doing great!

Aubrie Lynn Turner was born 4 weeks early on February 16th, 2013. She is also perfect in every way.

We are a military family who loves to stay active. We love horses, motorcycles, camping (often a combination of the two), hiking, rock climbing, vacations, and anything overall outdoorsy.

Aaron and I are both originally from western WA. We moved together to easter WA to go to school and soon after that to ID. After a couple of years in ID we got too comfortable and realized we weren’t ready for that so we moved to AZ. We only stayed in AZ a short time when Aaron and I decided it was a good idea for him to rejoin the military. He then went to MO for some training and Bailie and I went back to WA. After a few months we were all sent to KY. After a few years we were sent back to WA. I love the idea of being able to move around with the security of the military and cant wait to see what the future holds!


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