The Sparkling Home

Over the last few years I was just learning how to be the wife I wanted to be. What was that? Did I want to be a working wife? Did I want to be a stay at home wife? What would I do?

All in all I wanted to work. I liked working and felt good about it. Then we came to KY when we rejoined the miltiary and suddenly things changed. I was a stay at home mom who didnt know how to cook or clean or be a stay at home mom/wife. While Aaron was deployed I had to learn to cook or else we’d starve lol and I did (learn to cook). But then he got back and suddenly I needed to learn to clean too! Aaron loves the house to be spot free and I honestly didnt know how to do that. Sounds reidculous right? I would walk in a room and see what neeeded to be done and become so overwhelmed I would turn around and walk away. I didnt even wanna be in the room or even the house if it needed to be cleaned. Then on the weekends we would all work together to clean the whole house. But how fair is that? Im home all week and Aaron has to help clean on the weekend because I didnt/couldnt do it during the week? That and we werent able to enjoy our weekend like we wanted.

So I went on the hunt. How can I organize well enough to be able to clean and not stress out? Ok well makes sense if I do a little a day it will be done by the weekend and there wont be the overwhelming stress. So how do I do it. Now I looked into fly lady and a few other sites that just didnt work for me, so finally I decided I would have to make my own zoning system. Turns out that once I broke it down it was easy! I can do a general zone everyday and then a different deepcleaning section zone each day of the week! After much pondering and planning I came up with a well working system for me.

I then made a printable version and was able to share it with all my friend and anyone who may be interested. This has been working for me for a couple years now and our house is “MOSTLY” always clean and stress free. its a place, we as a family, all like to be 🙂

My Cleaning Schedule –

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