Everyday – Yellow
Monday – Green
Tuseday – Blue
Wednesday – Orange
Thurseday – Red
Friday – Pink

Do your yellow zone first everyday and then if you have time move onto your daily color zones. This way your house always “apears” clean and then you can slowly work on your deep clean through out the week so come the weekend you can simply relax with your family!


1. Do ONE load of laundry
2. Dishes
3. Wipe Counters
4. Mak Beds
5. Sweep Common Areas
6. Water Plants
7. Plan Dinner


1. Change Sheets
2. Wipe down table and chairs (legs too)
3. Sweep front porch
4. Clean Bathrooms
5. Organize Cupboards
6. Dust Blinds


1. Mop Kitchen
2. Clean Pet areas
3. Wipe down outlets and light switches
4. Clean out oven
5. Straighten up linen closet


1. Dust Furnatures and Window Sills
2. Wipe down Kitchen Apliances
3. Clean out Microwave
4. Dust Door Frames
5. Straighten up coat Closet


1. Refrigerator
2. clean Baseboards
3. Clean bathrooms
4. Straighten up Bedroom Closets
5. Clean Laundry Room
6. Vacuum Carpets


1. Wash Windows
2. Straighten up Drawers
3. Mop anywhere not the kitchen
4. Wash Doors
5. Clean Light Fixtures
6. Clean up Kids school work areas


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