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Frustration Free Potty Update

For those who read my last post Frustration Free Potty 6 months ago, here is our update.

Recently I was giving Kenna and Aubrie a bath. When we were done, I pulled Kenna out first and then moved onto Aubrie. Kenna started to pee on the floor by the door and then she ran to the toilet. Assuming she was already done I said, “Oh its ok honey. Mommy will clean it up in just a sec.” Then she proceeded to pee all over the floor by the toilet. She wanted to go but was too short to get up there. So I went to get her, her first potty. Its a simple pink and white potty where the tray lifts out to be emptied. We put it in the bathroom and left it.

She started out by sitting on it while I went to the bathroom, but not using it. She also recently learned the joys of being naked. she loves to be naked. She would however ask me for a diaper when she needed to go potty. Then the other day she started to pee in the kitchen. I said “wait wait wait hold on wanna go on the potty?” and she ran in and finished peeing on the potty. YAY what a to do we made of it.

The next day she comes running into me naked from the bottoms down and says, “Mama I go pee pee” I say ok want a diaper or to go to the potty?” She says, “Potty” and starts to run from the livingroom down the hall to the bathroom and Im right behind her. But then she veers into the kitchen to show me the giant poop she did in the middle of the kitchen …. oh boy lol, it was like it was straight out of a Clorox commercial!

Since then she spends most days at home half or fully naked. When she needs to go potty she will either run to the potty or ask for a diaper. A diaper almost always for poop. But then today she was standing on a chair in the kitchen and starts screaming and crying. I say “What what whats wrong baby?” She says, “I need potty” I offer her a diaper or the potty and she says “Potty” so I rush her to the potty and she poops!!! First time! Woot woot! Then I went to clean the bathroom later on and I see her potty is full of pee and it hits me. On her own, she is self potty training. She is getting it.

Now comes the hard part where I know she can do it and I want to encourage her (even make) her do it, but I wont. I will continue to allow her to choose diaper or potty and potty train herself. If its now or next month or still next year it will be ok. She will be fully potty trained on her own when she is ready.


Homemade Lacing Toys

I went to the teacher’s store today and saw some lacing toys and thought it sounded like a fun idea but it wasn’t in the budget so we passed and moved on. Later on I was going through some pintrist ideas and sure enough this popped up. How cool! I didn’t even think to make some myself.

I grabbed a toilet paper roll, a previously painted water color card, a hole punch and some yarn.



I cut up the paper and started punching! Then cut the yarn and tapped the ends. Vwala!


I imagine you could make them with just about anything around your house.




I blogged previously  A Simple But Lovely Life on my goals to simplify our lives. Here is a little more on why I chose to lessen what we do during the week and why we usually have it so full of activities.

As a homeschooling family (not this year) the number one thing we would hear is, “But what about the socialization?” pertaining to why homeschooling isn’t a good option. Here’s what you don’t know. Most homeschooling families work extra hard to do lots of things so that we can still say our children are socialized. Every social aspect they get in a classroom we give outside of the public school. Here’s the thing though. This year our older daughter is in the public school and we tried to keep up our usual extra curricular activities. And wow has it started to drain us!

Usually we are filling our schedules with church activities, play dates, bible studies, girl scouts, soccer, karate, now violin, story times, gymnastics, and on and on and on. But for what? Just so we can say we do it? To get people to stop saying, “What about socialization?” This isn’t socialization this is forced association. Why are my kids getting tired and less willing to participate? First because Im sitting here over encouraging them to participate during group activities “stand up! clap your hands! Sing the song! Go say hi to Jimmy! Play and have fun dang it!!!”  and secondly because they’re getting burned out! ME TOO! Why do we NEED to socialize anyways? To learn to walk in lines? Ok yes that is important. To learn how to talk with one an other? Yes that’s important too. To learn to take turns? Yep that too. But all those things can be taught in far less a week than we think. Going to church on the weekends all of that is learned. Going outside to play with friends. All of that is learned! ALL OF IT!!!! You cut in front of a child waiting for the slide and they’re going to let you know its not ok. Speak unkindly to a friend and they’re not going to want to play with you.

So to chill out our schedules and ourselves we’re currently on a break from most everything! For this season we’re still going to church and we’re still going to do violin lessons, but after that we might sprinkle in a story time here and there but not much more. Instead we’ll go outside and play and relax.

Love & Logic for Being On Time

Last week my oldest daughter woke up and was running super slow all morning. At 8:38 I was on the phone and noticed she was still sitting on the couch. I asked her if she was watching the clock and she said she was. I reminded her that she needs to leave between 8:35-40 and she might want to get her shoes, coat, and bag on if she was going to make it to school on time. She told me she didnt want to go. I told her I was busy that day and if she wanted to stay home she would need to pay a baby sitter to watch her and she would have to stay in her room all day. She agreed and ran down stairs to find her money she earned from the previous week.

She came up bummed, “Mom I dont have enough” (she spent it already)

Me, “Oh thats a bummer honey dont worry there will be more on Friday. In the mean time would you like to wear your boots or shoes to school?”

B, “I dont want to go”

Me, “I understand honey. Would you rather wear boots or shoes to school?”

B, “Neither”

At this time I realized I needed to focus my sole attention on her and this situation in order to not get mad or frustrated, in order to stay calm, so I told the person I was chatting with I needed to go but would call them back in a bit.

Me, “Bailie honey your late for school now so may want to go quickly so you don’t get in trouble. Would you like to wear boots or shoes to school?”

B, “Neither”

Me, “I understand honey would you rather wear boots or shoes to school?”

B, “Neither”

Me, “I understand honey would you rather wear boots or shoes to school?”

B, “Ugggg you choose!”

Me, “I am wearing shoes today. Would you rather wear boots or shoes to school?”

B, “I want YOU to choose!”

Me, “I cant choose your shoes for you. Would you rather wear boots or shoes to school?”

B, “uuuug fine shoes”

At this point its 8:52 and school has started 2 minutes prior. As she walks out the door I say, “Bye honey I love you and I hope you have a great day” and she replies, “You too mom” in a not so cheerful voice.

So immediately I call the school. I ask the lady on the phone what happens when kids are late for school. She says, “well they get a tardy slip… so nothing really” I asked if there was any other repercussions for the children. Shes said, “Well after so many the parents get a letter home …” then after a moment of pause I could hear the realization in her voice as she says, “Its more like the parents get in trouble than the kids” with a faint giggle following. So I tell her thats ok I can understand that but that Bailie was on her way to school now and she left late on purpose and I want her to understand the importance of being on time. That it is HER responsibility to get out the door on time and to get to school on time because when she is older it will be her responsibility to get places on time, that she wont always have a parent to shuffle her out the door. I want her to understand now rather than later, that there are consequences to being late.

The lady at the school then said, “Well we did have a girl a while back who was late a lot so she stayed in the principles office during recess each time” I said that would be perfect! (Can I just say how happy I am that they were willing to work with me on this one! Its far better she learns by loosing recess now than her job later on it life).

So the next day she was out the door right on time! I was please but it wasn’t until today that I realized the lesson was learned. That the consequences taught her far better than my nagging could have! She was upset with me for not allowing her to use the stairwell because she left the gate open at the top (that’s a whole other story and Ill spare you there for now) so I let her know that she would need to go around the house if she wanted to get her things for school. Now we went through this gate scenario a couple weeks ago and it took her an hour and a half before she would walk around the house to get upstairs. I was fully prepared for that again, but this time with in 2 minutes she was going out the back door and coming around to the front. She very nicely grabbed her things and hugged her sister and said good bye for the day. I started to ask her something and she says, “Mom I have to go quickly its 8:40! I cant be late I don’t want to go to the office like yesterday” I said, “What do you mean you left early yesterday why did you have to go to the office?” For which she confessed, “Ya but I was being a slow poke. I was late and had to miss my recesses so today I am going to run!”

I didn’t have to beg and plea for her to get out the door and to school on time. I didnt have to yell and fuss to teach her the importance of not being tardy. The school stuck to the repercussions they agreed to give her when she’s late and the consequences taught the lesson for me!