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Toddler Crayons

Gather old crayons

Divide them by color

Peel them and cut them up

Put them in the oven for 250 for 15 minutes



Homemade Silly Putty

This morning I saw a really neat slime idea that used borax but I didnt have any so I went a Goggling for other gooy-slimy concoctions and found one that said laundry soap. This I had! So here we go!


Laundry Soap, Glue, and some Glitter for fun.


Pour glue into bowl.


Add laundry soap. I added too much and had to add more glue.


Add glitter and begin mixing.


When it reaches this wet sticky consistency let it sit for 10-15 minutes and begin to work it with your hands.




Peel from bowl and give to a kid!

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When you’re done, store it in a jar for later!

Your Baby Can Read (Week 1)

Last week we started the Your Baby Can Read program. It has you play the starter video twice a day for 1 month and play with the starter flip open page book and starter sliding flash cards. The main words introduced in the starter set are Nose, Hi, Dog, Cat, Mouth, Clap, Tiger, Arms, Arms Up, Arms Down, Elephant, Eyes, Gorilla, Toes, Colors, Reach, Baby and Wave. So far this week her vocabulary has just exploded! She’ll point to her nose, mouth, toes, arms, and eyes. She’ll lift her arms up for arms up, wave for wave, and clap for clap. She’ll say hi, dog, cat, clap, gorilla, and baby.¬† This morning completed the first week and when the word Dog came up on the screen, before they could say it, she said it. She read her first word!

Learning Fun with Egg Cartons

Todays post will be shorter but there are still TONS you can do with Egg Cartons! The most and best are crafty fun things I found online!


There are a few different ways you can do math games with egg cartons but the big hit seems to be numbering the insides and using any counters you can to have your kids fill the slots with

the right amount. I think you could easily change it up for kids as they get older by adding in math problems that they use the counters and cartons for!


With egg cartons you could set up sorting stations of all sorts! (ha pun intended) For intsance you can have kids sort items by colors, shapes, sizes, textures, materials so on

and so fourth. Have fun with it!


Add some soil and pick out your favorite seeds and watch them grow! As kids get older you can have them document how much they grew each day.


Here you’ll see you can use the cartons to paint with like shown on the Left OR to pain on like what’s shown on the Right!

Crafting Animals

I am only posting a few examples here but I found literally TONS of animals folks had made with their egg cartons; from bugs to bests!

Preschool with Milk Caps

The possibilities with what you can do using milk jug caps and bottle caps are endless! Here are just a few fun preschool ideas I found online and in other homeschooling and preschool blogs!


As you see on the left this game is set up so you can have your kiddos put the correct number cap on the correct flash card. You could also use a dice and have them roll the dice and match the numbers rolled with the bottle caps. Or you could go up to higher levels of math like what you see on Right and make math symbols to use (+,-,/,=, etc)


There are tons of things you can make using bottle caps or milk caps or both at the same time! To the Left they’ve made a caterpillar! You could also make other animals like a turtle, dogs, pigs, etc. To the right they used different caps (and probably some cups) to paint with! This is called circle art.


You can make letter caps like what you see on the Right and use them in all sorts of ways! On the Left you see you can make or buy cap words where kids just have to find and match the right letter caps to make words. You could also play spelling memory games, name games, color words, etc.

Clocks and Calendars

You can make all sorts of different calendars with milk caps or bottle caps. Some for the days, some for the numbers, some for the months. You could even make special holiday ones! Add some magnets to them and put them up on your fridge where you and your kids can practice and go over days and play first thing in the morning! As for clocks whether your make a real working one or a play one like you see on the Right you can have a lot of fun teaching time using bottle caps and other things around your house!

The games and learning you can do with bottle caps go on for miles! You can even set up musical notes like shown below! If you have other fun ideas please let me know!